Local businesses are faced with ever increasing competition from national, regional, and mega-companies. The brick-and-mortar big box stores of yesterday have compounded into online powerhouses and the number of online shopping outlets from all over the world are forcing local businesses to evolve.

This is the reason we started a local shopping platform. It provides local businesses a place to showcase and sell their products and services in a single location. It’s the Mall of Today. We are a local company started by local business owners and you won’t find any national or regional advertisements or sponsorships on this site.

For those businesses in Billings that don’t have the resources or time to build out full e-commerce solutions, shoplocalbillings.com is a great place to give that convenience to shoppers and increase sales.

Billings businesses that already have e-commerce in place are welcome to participate here also in order to increase their awareness with local shoppers.

For our community members, this provides a central shopping platform for convenience and simplicity!

Thank you for shopping! We appreciate any feedback you are willing to share, good, bad, or otherwise.

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